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What to wear this Summer 2018?

What to wear this Summer 2018?

What to wear this Summer 2018?

What is trendy to wear or to carry this summer?

I have paid a look at Cannes Film Festivals Red Carpet Trends 2018, Fashion Catwalk Shows and Fashion magazines to come out with the following sum up based on my elegant-casual-chic taste, obviously I say it humbly. I like this quote saying:

Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you are going”

Talking about material, this summer “Plastic” is trendy, Yay! You hear me well, plastic for outfits, for bags, for shoes and accessories, the glamorous side is that these plastic products are sparkling and colorful as a glance at a beautiful summer blooming.

Trends for colours

From pastels to summer sequins…Lilac as seen on fashion shows has become the colour of the seasons Spring-Summer 2018.

Pastel hues are also very popular this summer, but none are more pervasive than lilac, such as Norah Oyam Fashion unisex reversible belt lilac-pink powder which is available on the online store on belts section.

Trends for outfits

60’s-80’s power dressing, pencil skirts, sheer layers and of course the timeless denim, tailored jeans are back this summer 2018. Pencil skirt wore with a pair of spiky kitten heels is so elegant.

Besides this, extra texture, marabout ripples on hems, fringing on outfits and shoes.

Remember plastic fantastic, for trench coat, for knee-high boots, for dresses etc.

Shorts are also on fashion trends, you can wear shorts this summer, all day, every day, tailored, long-line varieties to be wore with suit blazers, 60’s fashion skinny leather short and surprisingly the cycling short, yay!

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”

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